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Artificial Intelligence Events and Conferences

AI Conferences

  • The AI Conference — an annual event where leading AI researchers and top industry practitioners meet and collaborate
  • The AI Forum — Montreal based AI conference
  • Artificial Intelligence Conference — Bootstrap Labs Venture firm
  • — the one stop shop for AI/ML/DL events and conferences
  • — game AI conference and courses
  • Chatbot Summit – Chatbot Summit Berlin is the second international Chatbot Summit destined to bring together the leading players of the newly formed Chatbot economy
  • Deep learning Google Group – Where deep learning enthusiasts and researchers hangout and share latest news.
  • Deep learning research groups – A list of many of the academic and industry labs focused on deep learning.

AI communities by Location

  • Amsterdam —  AI community and events
  • Berlin —  AI community and events
  • Beijing – AI community and events
  • Brisbane – AI community and events
  • Hamburg —  AI community and events
  • Hongkong —  AI community and events
  • London —  AI community and events
  • Madrid —  AI community and events
  • Melbourne – AI community and events
  • Milan —  AI community and events
  • New York —  AI community and events
  • Oslo —  AI community and events
  • San Francisco AI meetup – A local meetup for AI enthusiasts and researchers that we’re involved in.
  • Seattle —  AI community and events
  • Shanghai —  AI community and events
  • Shenzhen —  AI community and events
  • Singapore —  AI community and events
  • Stockholm —  AI community and events
  • Sydney – AI community and events
  • Chatbots NYC – Meetup in New York City
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Recommended Artificial Intelligence books

General AI Viral Justice, by Ruha Benjamin Benjamin is a groundbreaking scholar focused on race, technology, and justice. In this book, she offers a personal view of small decisions that […]

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Large Language Models: "The results of a Large Language Model can be thought of as ‘ribbons’ of information. In other words, tokens of data arranged piece by piece to create coherent streams of responses to user inputs. These ribbons of data are complex and nuanced, reflecting the flexibility and power of language. But they are also vulnerable to the abuse of such a versatile system. They can assemble in an ordered fashion or become repelled by objects which represent the hazards and issues inherent to technology..." Artist: Tim West

Glossary of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Terms

A A/B Testing A controlled, real-life experiment designed to compare two variants of a system or a model, A and B. Activation Function In the context of Artificial Neural Networks, […]

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